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Welcome to the Halfway Wiki

This wiki is mainly used for documenting the Halfway Mod Tools and everything related to modding the game.

You should find everything that you need here to get you going and create a mod for Halfway.

Please read the requirement list over here to see if you have everything that is needed:



Forum and Community

If you need help and have questions, feel free to drop by in our forum and join the community:


Steam Halfway Forum

Official Halfway Forum:

Halfway Forum

Overview about modding for Halfway

First Steps


Video Tutorials

In this section you find a small overview of video tutorials we made to explain certain parts of the modding process. A good starting point if you want to make an level.

Map Editor

The map editor is the central part of the mod tools for Halfway. Find all relevant information under this link here:

MetaData Tool

The MetaData Tool helps you to add information to your assets.

Gif Processor

This is a little standalone tool that allows you to make png animation stripes from gif animations. The good thing here is that you can have gifs with all animations you want to have in one file and then export them to pngs and anim timing files including proper naming in one go.

Image Processor

The image processor is a tool we developed to help the artist to export and name the objects in the game in a far more efficient way then by hand.

This tool works excellent together with PyxelEdit.

Json files (Items) or where the data is stored

All our data and information about items, weapons, enemies etc are stored in the easy to read .json format. You can find about all the different .json files Halfway uses under the following link:


Dialogs are written in txt files. There are some rules you may want to know:

Adding new Assets and Rules for Naming them

Naming and importing new assets needs some knowledge you can find here. If you are unsure how to name an assets it also makes sense to look on how we have done it in the main game:

Tips and Tricks

A list of codes that may help you testing your mod:

Developer Codes



If you have questions or find an missing information, please feel free to drop us a emial over at (hello (at) robotality dot com)

Please Note, that we can not help you make your Mod and give you support on things you do not understand. So please use this wiki to find all the answers you may need. If you think something is missing, let us know and we will add it. Thanks for understanding.