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Short Overview

The modding tools that we provide with Halfway are the exact same tools we used to create the game. So you can do everything we can minus the source code of the game. So you can do quite a lot from an changed dialogue, over to new weapons and a new level or even a whole new campaign with ne enemies and art assets.

License Agreement/Eula

If you are going to make a mod for Halfway, you have to agree on this terms linked below:

Modding Agreement

How does it work

Mods are working in a additive way. This means that everything you change in your mod will overwrite the things in the current game. So if you just want to rebalance one weapon but don't want to change everything else, you can do that. The engine then will use everything else from the original game.

If you want to replace everything you can do that too and just use some of the existing artworks.

Additionally you can base your mod upon another mod and stack them. Also you can make mods that are having requirements for other mods that have to be installed to run your mod.

Can does and can't does

What you can't do:

  • You can't change the basic core gameplay. Your mod will be a TBS game and that won't change as it would need source access.
  • You won't be able to add new skills or attributes at moment, but you can rebalance the existing ones.

Can do Actually pretty much everything else.

  • You can make a total conversation with new art, new enemies new characters
  • You can also add new content to the existing campaign.
  • Change existing content, like one level but let everything untouched.
  • Change the AI behavior
  • Add new weapons
  • Add new art
    • Enemies
    • Level Assets
    • Special FX
    • Character art
  • Add new items
  • Rebalance the game
  • We added localization support now.
  • And much more!

The Street

We published two small mods as example of what is possible (but not limited to):