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Steam Workshop

Publishing your mod to the Steam Workshop is done via the level editor.


  1. Steam must be active before starting the level editor.
  2. The mod must be prepared as ZIP archive inside the mods/ folder. You should verify that this is done properly, e.g. by testing that the mod works in the game after zipping.
  3. A "preview image" in PNG format is required next to, and with the same file name as the archive. For example, if your mod is prepared as "", you'll need an image "myMod.png" right next to it.

Important: The current version of Halfway has a problem uploading zip files that are made with WinRar. Please use the standard zip creator the OS provides.

What's published

  1. The ZIP archive as the actual user generated content which other players can subscribe to.
  2. The PNG for display of your mod in the Steam Workshop.
  3. The "steam-workshop-title" and "steam-workshop-description" properties inside mod-info.json are used to set title and description texts.

First upload

The upload is started by selecting the cloud icon in the editor toolbar. Just select the ZIP archive you want to upload. Some basic checks are performed by the editor before uploading.

If you didn't yet agree to the "Steam Workshop License Agreement" (WLA), the upload won't be completed successfully, but a browser window or Steam overlay window will open, directing you to the WLA to sign. This needs to be done only once.

If everything goes well, a browser window or the Steam overlay will open with the workshop item you've just uploaded. As a first step, you should "subscribe" to your own mod. As a second step, you should restart the level editor to have the modding system properly register the new subscription.


If you've subscribed to your mod (and restarted the editor at least once), every successive upload will update the existing mod. If you didn't subscribe, successive uploads will publish copies of the same mod, which shouldn't be your intention in most cases.


Mods are initially published as "private". You have to use the Steam Workshop page to make it available to any other users. From there you also can make other adjustments, or even delete the mod altogether.