How to write a dialogue

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Dialogue Creation

Writing dialogs is rather easy in Halfway. They are all saved in txt files that then are loaded into the game via triggers attributes. All text files need to be saved into the ./text folder but you can use any subfolder you want.



Where xxx is a needed subfolder for your dialogs. txt files saved in the textfiles root folder will make the editor crash.


Every dialog line has to start with this set of characters:


Where as the X can be a number from 0 to 7, an ! or a ? the # is for separation and for the engine to recognize a new dialog line is starting and the L stands for left aligned. R for right aligned is not supported anymore with the current UI.

! is to be used if the character who does the interaction is the one to be talking.

?' is used for the Character you are talking to. This is mainly used when placing characters or terminals in the level and it uses the character set in the object attribute.

Important Knowhow

  • No file can have the same name, even if they are in separate folders. This will confuse the game and you will get strange errors.
  • They all need to be placed in a sub folders of ./textfiles/ or else the editor will crash. Example ./textfiles/m01/yourdialog.txt