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Foldername ./"yourModName"/gfx/tilesets

Tilesets are sheets that contain the basic levelblocks you need for making a level in Halfway. The you look like this:


They have to be placed in the ./assets/gfx/tiles folder and you need to add them to the tileset.txt file. (See below for rules)


  • Arrange the tiles clever. It will save you tons of time in the editor later on as you can copy bigger sets as brush in one run.
  • Don't make them bigger then 32*32
  • For other things the floors, wall and borders use objects instead of tiles.

How to make a tileset

We highly recommed using [[1]] for making the tilesets. You can watch Simon doing a tileset in that tool over here on youtube:



If you make the borders, the part between floor and wall or between wall and the void, for a tileset make sure you have all variations done. Here is an example for a border tileset containing all variations:


The exact same variations are needed for borders on the floor.

Drop shadows

To make the whole level more readable we use some sort of static "sky light" that cast a 45° shadow from all walls. We highly recommend you to do the same, even if it is not logical, but it increases the readability of your map by the factor X.

Here is how we make the shadows tiles:



In this tilesets.txt you need to define what the tile indices are:


This is easy: just add the starting number of the tile and the file name that is containing the tiles. The game then makes the numbers by them self. You only need to be aware of the amount of tiles you have on a sheet and make the next tileset start number big enough, that they can not overlap.

I usually use 1000 steps just to be sure.

Important: The indices always need to be unique, 
so if you want to add new ones make sure you copy
over the tilesets.txt and add a number higher then 5500 to start with.
Additionally never change the indices from existing
tilesets or it will break the game badly.

Known issues

  • The indices can't be changed after you using them in the levels. This would break your level files.
  • The tilesets are the only things you can not use additiv in mods. So if two mods are adding new tiles this could lead into none unique tileset indices.
  • Indices have to be unique.