Condition Listener

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How it works

The condition Listener is the one that observes the main gameplay and gets active if one of the special condition in the main gamplay is met. It can be placed freely in the level.


  1. Target Action: The link to the action that is triggered if the condition is fulfilled.
  2. Conditions:
    1. Talked to all required characters
    2. Open all required containers
    3. All characters picked up
    4. Mission briefing triggered (For homebase levels)
    5. All Monolith destroyed. (Works with Monolith enemies only)
    6. Endboss Phase 2 (Endboss related condition)
    7. Item equipped (Tutorial)
    8. Weapon equipped (Tutorial)
    9. Attack Menu opend (Tutorial)
    10. Reload Required (Tutorial)
  3. Activeted: Yes/no

The ones tagged with Tutorials are mainly used for having a tutorial screen displayed if an event is happening.

Known Issue