Based in Hamelin, Germany

Founding date:
March 2013


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Wendenstrasse 3
31785 Hamelin

+49 (0) 5151 7877 892


Robotality is an independent game development studio which was founded in co-operation with Nia Schmidheiny at the beginning of 2013. Our headquarters are in Germany, however we work with people from all over the world.


Early history

Robotality arose from The Grey Studios, a little side project of the two brothers Stefan (code/game design) and Simon (art/business/game design) Bachmann that they started in 2011. They took part in several game jams during this time and released a few small games, like My Little Dungeon, Towers of Rage and Pixel Towers. Sometime in early 2013 after the insolvency of Simon's previous employer, Reakktor Media, the two decided to start making games together full time under a new name Robotality with the goal of creating the sorts of games they truly love. Thanks to the support of Nia Schmidheiny, they were able to begin working on Halfway in March 2013.

After that...

Daniel Ludwig joined the team full-time in the beginning of 2014 and supports development efforts with his years of experience. Halfway was finished after a development period of about a year and was released successfully on July 22, 2014 on the Humble Store, as well as on Steam with Chucklefish as a publisher.

Pathway and beyond

Since the release of Halfway, Robotality has been working on their follow-up strategy game titled Pathway. In 2015, Stephan Naujoks joined the team as a game designer and writer to work on Pathway.



Pathway Trailer YouTube

Halfway release trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (6MB)

There are far more images available for Robotality, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • ""Hope You've Got Room For More Turn-Based Strategy, PC Gamers. [...]I grabbed it earlier today and can't stop playing""
      - Luke Plunkett , Kotaku, Website
    • ""Halfway is essentially the indie XCOM""
      - Michael Rose , Indiegames.com, Website
    • ""Mein Taktik-Geheimtipp für diesen Sommer!" "My secret tactic game recommendation for this summer!""
      - Matti Sandqvist, PC Games Germany, Website
    • ""Yet there's something to be said for the way in which this foreboding game uses style to convey substance, pushing you from one battle to the next so that you might shed light on a chilling galactic mystery.""
      - Daniel Starkey , Gamespot, Website
    • ""[...]Halfway has some considerable charm. I so love its mood and its detail. The heft of a critical sniper shot that smears an enemy into dust.""
      - Marsh Davies , RPS, Website
    • ""Mit wenigen Mitteln viel zu erschaffen - auf künstlerischer Ebene bekommt Entwickler Robotality das hervorragend hin. Ich war ziemlich überrascht, wie sehr mich diese düstere Sci-Fi-Atmosphäre in ihren Bann zieht." "Getting a lot created with only a few resources - on the artistic level, Robotality, the developer did an excellent job. I was surprised, how much this dark scifi atmosphere captured my imagination.""
      - Christopher Reimers , Gamestar, Website

    Development Blog
    We keep a dev blog that provides an inside look at our development process robotality.com.

    Simon Bachmann on Twitter
    Personal Twitter of Simon Bachmann (@sibachmann) can be found here: twitter.com.

    Daniel Ludwig on Twitter
    Personal Twitter of Daniel Ludwig (@code_disaster) can be found here: twitter.com.

    Stefan Bachmann on Twitter
    Personal Twitter of Stefan Bachmann (@stbachmann) can be found here: twitter.com.

    Stephan Naujoks on Twitter
    Personal Twitter of Stephan Naujoks (@00Naujoks) can be found here: twitter.com.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Simon Bachmann
    Art/Game Design

    Stefan Bachmann
    Code/Game Design

    Daniel Ludwig

    Stephan Naujoks
    Game Design/Writing

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