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Modding Tools Released: Tell your own stories

Posted by Simon Bachmann,


We’ve finally finished up the modding tools and have decided to bring them out of beta.

To celebrate this we decided to go for a 25% sale on Steam,  Humble and our own Humble-Widget. So get it while this sale lasts! For our existing players, we have added a small “thank you” into this update in the form of a extra hard gameplay mode (game mode ++). Play the extra hard version with tougher enemies and even greater challenges!

From now on, everyone that owns Halfway can also create and play mods. Now all the tools we used to create the game ourselves are available to everyone.
For the Steam version, we integrated Steam Workshop for easy sharing and consuming of mods. (Read here for instructions how to publish on Steam Workshop)

If you have a non-Steam version, fear not, the distribution of a mod is dead simple:

  • Zip the folder of your mod and upload it to Dropbox or any other website and share the link with your players.
  • The only thing your players have to do: Copy the zip file in the mods folder, start the game and activate the mod in the options. Done.

Are you interested in starting a mod? Great! Head over to our Wiki and read about everything you need to know:

For help and feedback head over to our modding forum on Steam and on our game website:

Halfway official forum

Halfway Steam modding forum

We are really looking forward to what you are going to create. Please let us know if you have something to show, if you have questions, or if you find bugs and issues.

Let the modding begin!


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