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Characters and enemies are all having 8 directions they can look. But only 5 are actually made, the other 3 are mirrored over in the Animation Sets.

But you can also make all 8 directions if you like, we did that for turrets too. Just make sure you have the right settings set in the Animation Sets

Looking for all the character art? Here you go: Download Character

Looking for enemies: Download Enemies


The pngs are placed in the folder:



The animation files are placed in this folder:


Use the right subfolders for the anim files or else they won't get loaded.

Find out more about the anim files and how to make them over here: Gif Processor


Here is how an character should be namend:


Here the example of Wallace:


Animations you need

  • Cover
  • CoverHit
  • Hit
  • Idle
  • Ko
  • Run
  • ShootAim
  • ShootFire
  • ShootReturn
  • Strike
  • Throw

Please note, some enemies have different animations they need. (turrets for example) Just check them out in the main game for reference.

Direction you need

  • Down
  • DownRight
  • Right
  • Up
  • UpRight

The other ones are beeing mirrored versions of the ones listed above.

Please note: The cover related animation only have 4 animations. They use this directions:

  • DownRight
  • LeftDown
  • LeftUp
  • UpRight

The enemies normally only have 2 directions:

  • DownRight
  • UpRight