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Posted by bach,

Last week was a really exciting week for us. Seeing the word about Halfway getting out there and people showing interest. After a while, it’s so easy to lose any sort of ability to objectively judge your work. Will people actually like what we’re making? Or are we just wasting time here? So it felt good to finally have it out in the open! 🙂

A huge thank you from us to everyone who’s spread the word and shown interest so far! We got a nice write-up over at Indie Statik and had a chat with Gaming On Linux. We also got a nice mention on VG Naut.

We’re also aware that we haven’t shared many details about the game yet, stay tuned as we rectify this over the coming weeks. Reality is, we’re still working out quite a few details and we will share our progress with you as we make it.

For this week’s update, we thought it’d be great to give you a first glimpse at the game in action. Keep in mind, this is early alpha footage and a lot might change again and we still have many things to add:

The video shows the core battle mechanics in Halfway. At the heart of it, every character of your squad can be controlled via 6 basic actions:


Tactical: Every character has it’s own unique set of tactical abilities which are unlocked as the character levels up. These abilities give you various strategic options. When used properly, they can make all the difference.
Attack: Attack a visible target with the currently equipped weapon.
Reload: Yes, weapons do need to be reloaded.
Move: Depending on your character’s agility, you can move further.
Defend: Gives you character a reduced hit-chance until the next turn.
Items: Use items such as medpacks, grenades and more.

These are the basics of how you control your squad in Halfway. Of course, there are a lot more details to go over, especially how exactly the characters uniqueness comes into play and how items and tactical abilities work. But that’s for another week.

Hope you enjoy the gameplay video and please let us know what you think! 🙂

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