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How it works

This is your most used trigger. It is used to chain two actions together with each other.

Example: If you have a Timer Action and after that you want a sound to be played you would do the following:

  1. Place the two actions
  2. Place a Trigger Listener
  3. Double click the listener and connect them.

Note: You can use multiple Trigger Listener on one Action to branch off. But if you want have multiple Actions triggered after a event it is recommended to use the Action Multiplexer instead as it keeps the whole system a bit cleaner ;)


  1. Target Trigger
  2. Target Action

Known Issue

  • Be carfull which trigger you link to. -> Can crash your editor
  • If a script is not running as intended double check if you did not switch Target Trigger/Action. That is often the issue. (Happen countless times during development. They are marked with different colors. )