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How to

With triggers you can actually script nearly everything that you want without touching code. The whole concept behind triggers is, that you have a action that sets the script of and then goes through the events you connected. In most cases this are linear events chains, but sometimes you can have multiple events going of at the same time.

The basic setup is normaly:

  1. Have a Listner that is connect to an atribute (like a door/box etc to be triggered) or an other trigger
  2. Then this "Start Listner" is connected to an Action
    1. See it as an action -> reaction system
  3. From this action you could finish or connect a Trigger Listner to another action and so fort

Some things to know about the triggers

To go to the settings of a trigger just double L-Click it.  See the list below for the settings.
  • Each trigger chain needs to have a "Sequence Begin Listner" at the first action of chain.
  • Each trigger chain needs to have a "Sequence End Listner" at the end of the script or the game goes in a endless loop.

Trigger List

Here is a list of currently available Triggers.

Misc Triggers


Listeners are the part of the triggers system that are responsible to "listen" to something (event/object/trigger) and when this event is happening to give a signal to an action. See them as a link between actions and reactions.


Actions are the events that happen when a Listener is triggered. See them as a reaction to the an event. They can happen simultaneous at the same time so it can be a nonlinear chain of events.


Data trigger are used to define some main settings in the level that will stay this way. They can be placed anywhere you want in the level. (Besides the Player starting point)