Tile Edit Mode

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Base Controls

To draw tiles you need select the tile edit mode like described over here. Be sure you have a Tile Layer selected and a at least one tile.

Mouse and keyboard:

  • L-Click/L-Click and drag: Paint the selected tile(s)
  • R-Click/R-Click and drag: Copy one or multiple tiles. (works in the viewport and in the tile panel on the left side.)
  • Delete Tile: Unselect your current brush by right klick on a empty tile. L-Click to erase the tiles you want.

Informations and tips

  • Tiles have to be 32*32 pixels wide
  • Tile layer can be rendered in all three render modes: normal, additive and multiply.
  • R-Click and drag can be very powerful if you want to copy complete rooms.
  • Borders for the walls and on the floor are tedious to place but they improve the look of a level a lot.
    • Copy over similar structures can ease the pain. So place them smart ;)
  • Use drop shadows at the walls to give the level a sense of depth.
    • Halfway uses a multiplied layer at 75% transparency. (Don't forget to adjust the shadow layer to the same settings.)