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Sutis are the armor for the player and the enemies. So if you want add a new suit you have to do it here.

A suit can have the following effects:

  1. Reduces the damage (armor)
  2. Having a shield
  3. Change your skills while wearing it.

Note: Enemy armor are essentially the same as player suits but do not have any skill changing attributes.


     "class" : "Suit",
     "itemId" : "scoutSuit02",
     "itemType" : "Suit",
     "name" : "Scout Suit MK-II",
     "shortName" : "Scout II",
     "description" : "Scout Suits MK-II were developed for fast moving scouting troops. By utilising the latest in shield technology these suits are light and don't rely on heavy armor materials.",
     "iconId" : "scoutSuit",
     "consumable" : false,
     "shield" : 11,
     "armor" : 0.05,
     "rechargeTime" : 4,
     "buyValue" : 450,
     "sellValue" : 25,
     "attributes" : [
         "attribute" : "Agility",
         "amount" : 1


Most of the values should be self explaining here. Some info thought on options:

Attribute: There are three attributes you can choose from: Agility, Health and Aiming. The can be used to increase or decrease the skill values of the character that uses the suit. Please note that you can have multiple attribute changes if you want.

iconID: Is the name of the icon that gets shown in the UI.

armor: The armor value goes from 0-1 and 1 beeing 100%. So the armor in this example absorbs 5% damage that goes through the shield.

Note: The item ID needs to be unique.