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Here you find most of the information you need for making your own shots effects etc. If you want to make effects that are placed in the level make them as Objects and place them this way. This chapter here is about player and enemy effects.

Weapon effects

Weapon effects are always done as a pack of effects including:

  • Shot itself
  • Muzzle
  • Hit effect
  • Miss effect
  • Trail (Sniper only)

If you want you can animate all the effects you want too. But don't forget to make the .anim file then.

Naming Rules

here is how you have to name the weapon effects in order to work:

  • name01.png
  • name01hit.png
  • name01miss.png
  • name01muzzle.png
  • name01trail.png (sniper shots only)

Replace name01 with your weapon name you want.

How to add a weapon effect to a weapon

On how to create a weapon go over to this page: Weapons.json

To add this weapon Fx here called name01.png edit this line in the json:

"bulletType" : "name01",

just use the shot png name without the file extensions.

Tip: If you want to leave some effects away for a shot, just make the png empty and add it this way. This is the workaround because the game always needs those files.


Shells are small pngs that can be named as you want, but need to be in the ./specialfx folder.

To give a weapon a new shell you need to add it to the weapon in the Weapons.json at this line:

"shellType" : "yourShellName",