Setting up a new mod

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Basic setup

Setting up a new mod is rather simple:

Navigate to the folder where you have installed the game.

In the game folder open the ./mods folder.

In this folder add a new folder with the name of your mod.

Now to make new files you need to have the same folder structure the main game has so add this folder first in your new mod folder:


  1. ./characters
  2. ./enemies
  3. ./gfx/anim/menu
  4. ./gfx/anim/objects
  5. ./gfx/anim/specialfx
  6. ./gfx/anim/ui
  7. ./gfx/anim/units
  8. ./gfx/objects
  9. ./gfx/lights
  10. ./gfx/menu
  11. ./gfx/sets
  12. ./gfx/specialfx
  13. ./gfx/tiles
  14. ./gfx/ui
  15. ./gfx/units/player
  16. ./gfx/units/enemies
  17. ./levels
  18. ./lists
  19. ./music
  20. ./particles
  21. ./sfx
  22. ./squads
  23. ./textfiles
  24. ./tutorials

=What come where

See list above to understand where to put what files afterwards

  1. The character definition files go here
  2. The enemies definition files go here
  3. .anim files for the main menu go here
  4. .anim files for the objects go here
  5. .anim files for the special fx go here
  6. .anim files for the ui elements go here
  7. .anim files for units go here (enemies and characters)
  8. All objects go here. See here for naming rules: File_names_for_objects
  9. All light brushes go here (png)
  10. All menu related gfx here (Intro/logo etc)
  11. All animation sets go here (Animation Sets
  12. All Special fx related pngs go here (Special FX)
  13. All tilessheets goe here. (Tilesets)
  14. All UI related assets go here (map etc)
  15. All player related animation gfx go here (Characters)
  16. All the enemy animation pngs go here (Enemies)
  17. All your mapfiles you make with the editor should be saved here. (Map Editor Overview)
  18. Definition json files go here. (Items etc: How to change and add Items and other things)
  19. The Music goes here (Music and Sound FX)
  20. Die particle pngs go here. (The are png of the die frame that will be used to calculate the disintegrate effect when someone dies)
  21. Sound fx here (Music and Sound FX)
  22. Store the default squads here.
  23. All the ingame dialogues go here. (How to write a dialogue)
  24. pngs of your tutorial texts you want to show ingame to help the player to get into your mod.

Activating the mod

Now that you prepared the mod it is time to activate it. Start the game and go to the option panel. In the option panel you should find now the newly named mod of yours. Check the box next to it.

You are done. Each time you start the game or play the game from the editor your mod will be used additionally to all other mods you may have activated.