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A short overview of the audio part of the game.

Sound format

The file format for the sound fx should be .wav files. You have to copy them into one of the subfolders you can find here:


Don't forget you have to add them to the audio.conf file to tweak their loudness compared to the rest of the sounds.

If you want to add a new sfx to an weapon, change the following part in the Weapons.json:

"weaponSfxSet" : "yourSoundFile01",

Recommended sound file settings:

  • Samplerate: 44100
  • Bit per sample: 16

Music format

For music we use the open source sound format OGG ([[1]]).

You need to put the files in this folder:


Please note that all the sound tracks should have two variations, one for none combat situations and one for the combat. (The homebase track is a special case in the main game)

To add music to a level you need a trigger placed in your level. For details check this page out: Background Music


In the audio.conf, that you can find in the ./assets/sfx folder, you can finetune the loudness of the audio files in the game. The settings are floats from 0.0 to 1.0.