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How the light system works

The light system work basicly the same as the object layer. So all shortcuts etc are working here too. Only difference is, that you always only have one layer of light and you have to use the light brushes in the Light tab of the editor.


  • Lights do not have colors you have to do that separately on an object layer.
  • The glows you see in Halfway are placed on a separate additive rendered object layer.
  • To set the ambient color Double L-Click on the Light layer. (See below for details.)


  • L-Click: Place selected light
  • R-Click on highlighted light: Copy the object including its settings.
  • D+L-Click: Delete the selected light.
  • S + L-Click+ Drag: Scale light. (
  • To unselect you current lights brush: R-Click anywhere.
  • Select trough overlaying lights: Unselect you current light and use the mouse wheel to cycle through all overlaying lights. (The red one is the currently selected one)
  • Double L-Click on light will open the light Properties menu.

Light layer settings

If you double L-Click the Light layer you get the following settings:

Light Flicker Option

Tips and Tricks

-> Glows

  • Color settings

Know issues

  • Never Place an object in the light layer, it will crash your level when playing it.