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If you want to change or add items or weapons or anything like that you will have to work with our json files. But fear not it is rather simple and easy to learn.

'Tip: Use Sublime Text as the text editor. There is a free version to test out and it is very powerful when it comes to replace elements over multiple files and more and it works on all major OS.

List of Json files

Accuracy Curves for Weapons

If you want to add or edit new range accuracy curves for weapons use this json here:


AI settings

All AI settings and brains parameters are defined here:


Asset Meta Data

This Json gets automatlic updated when you use the MetaData Tool. So don't edit it manually.



This json contains some of the main balancing elements you can tweak in Halfway. Also very well suited to test out some fast changes to the balancing:



Want more Items? Here is the place to look:


Level Points on the Map

In this file are the level points definitions and position on the Mission briefing map. Also the information about the "Must have Team" and more:


Game Progress

This json defines the progress of the game and when which maps are available.


Skill Descriptions

Just contains the text for the skills.


Suits definitions

In the suits.json all the information about the suits are stored.


Weapons Definitions

All the weapons are stored here:


Character Animationssets

This jsons are special cases for the characters and enemies for defining the animation rules:

Animation Sets

Character description files .unit

In this files the different characters get defined and what start Items and suits they are wearing:

Character Unit Files

Enemy Unit files

Enemy Unit Files