Fog of War Edit Mode

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How it works

Without the "Fog of War" (Short FoW) the whole level is visible. This is okay if you have a homebase where everything is already discovered. So the idea of the FoW is to split up the level into smaller sectors that then can be discovered step by step.

Some important notes:

  • The FoW sectors need to overlap at doors (including the door collision to work) The doors are the triggers to remove a FoW area.
  • If you use FoW make sure all the walkable areas have a FoW sector and all the sectors are somehow connected. (via the doors) If not then you will have areas that are 100% black.

Short cuts

  • F: Go into FoW edit mode
  • L-Click (and drag): Paint the FoW sector.
  • L-Click on a active FoW tile and it gets removed.
  • Enter: Finish the FoW sector (Note: it can't be edited again afterwards)
  • D +L-Click: Delete the FoW sector

Known Issues

  • FoW areas only get removed while playing the game if the player opens a door to a new sector. Walking into a new sector does nothing.
  • There is currently no Icon for this edit mode.
  • If you want to have no FoW, be sure you have removed all the FoW sectors completely or the level will go black.