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How to name a new object

Objects have to be named like this: nameXXX#Y.png

name: the name of the object type XXX: The number of the variation. For example 001, 002 etc. They have allways be 3 digits here!

  1. Y: The animation number. #0 #1

Note: Default is allways the #0 for the animation. All objects at least need a #0 animation.

Example with a door


"door": Where as the "door" is the name of the object, this is used in the editor to sort your objects into groupes. "001" The variation of the object. "

  1. 0": Animation status for closed door
  2. 1 would be for opening the door
  3. 2 would be the open door.

So door002#2.png would just show the open door.