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Base Controls

To place enemies you need to be in the "Place Enemy mode". You can only place enemies in tiles that have a walkable collision.

How you place an enemy:

  1. Go into the Enemy mode and select the Enemies tab on the left side.
  2. Select one of the enemy, lets say infested01Mechanic
  3. Make sure you are on the Enemy layer.
  4. Now place it on a free spot in the map where the collision is on walkable.
  5. R-Click to unselect your current enemy brush
  6. Now double L-Click the enemy you place before, that should open the settings mennu of this enemy.
  7. Set the direction it should look and click on the folder icon to load a template.
  8. Select the Infested01Mechanic template in this case.
  9. You are done. The other settings are explained further down on this page.

Mouse and keyboard:

  • L-Click: Place an enemy
  • D + L-Click: Delete an enemy.
  • Double L-Click: Open Settings for the enemies.
  • R-Click to unselect you current enemy selection

Informations and tips

  • Tiles have to be 32*32 pixels wide
  • Tile layer can be rendered in all three render modes: normal, additive and multiply.
  • R-Click and drag can be very powerful if you want to copy complete rooms.
  • Borders for the walls and on the floor are tedious to place but they improve the look of a level a lot.
    • Copy over similar structures can ease the pain. So place them smart ;)
  • Use drop shadows at the walls to give the level a sense of depth.
    • Halfway uses a multiplied layer at 75% transparency. (Don't forget to adjust the shadow layer to the same settings.)