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Base Controls

To place enemies you need to be in the "Place Enemy mode". You can only place enemies in tiles that have a walkable collision.

Important note:

Be sure that every enemy you have placed has an AI Brain (See below on how to apply) before you save the map. Having AI without brain makes the editor crash on level load up.

Workaround: You can open your level json file with any text editor and remove this part and save:

"enemyLayers": [
		"class": "ObjectLayer",
		"name": "Default Enemy Layer",
		"visible": true,
		"opacity": 1,
		"blendMode": "Normal",
		"parallaxX": 1,
		"parallaxY": 1,
		"parallaxOffsetX": 0,
		"parallaxOffsetY": 0,
		"objects": [Delete everything inbetween these brackets

How you place an enemy:

  1. Go into the Enemy mode and select the Enemies tab on the left side.
  2. Select one of the enemy, lets say infested01Mechanic
  3. Make sure you are on the Enemy layer.
  4. Now place it on a free spot in the map where the collision is on walkable.
  5. R-Click to unselect your current enemy brush
  6. Now double L-Click the enemy you place before, that should open the settings menu of this enemy.
  7. Set the direction it should look and click on the folder icon to load a template.
  8. Select the Infested01Mechanic template in this case.
  9. You are done. The other settings are explained further down on this page.

Mouse and keyboard:

  • L-Click: Place an enemy
  • D + L-Click: Delete an enemy.
  • Double L-Click: Open Settings for the enemies.
  • R-Click on enemy to copy an enemy. (L-Click to place the copy again)
  • R-Click to unselect you current enemy selection

Enemy Options


  1. Direction: You can set the direction the enemy will look when spawned.
  2. Enemy Typ: Load a preset json file for the enemy.
    1. Note: it should match at least the visual enemy type you selected because else some animation may not showing
  3. AI Type: You can overwrite the default setting of your preset here.
  4. AI Brain: Select which AI Brain the AI Type should use. (Need to be defined in the ai_archetypes.json to show up here)

AI Types

There are 6 AI types that behave different by code and are the base for all further AI tweaks you may want to make:


  • This is the normal running around and shooting enemy type. It is careful and seeks cover but tries to be very offensive.
  • The Infested02 models are used mainly for this type of enemy.


  • This is the close combat enemy . It doesn't give a shit about cover and just tries to run at you an hit you with it's close combat attack.
  • The infested01 models are the main use for this AI.


  • The Tank is similar to the Standart but it doesn't care for cover that much. It basic behavior is like this: Move into shooting range, start shooting and don't care if get hit. It stays there until you move out of range or it gets killed.
  • The infested03 models are the main enemy types used with this AI type.


  • The turret is a static enemy type that is hidden and can't be attacked until it sees an player. It tries to shoot you even thought it has only very low hit chances.
  • The moving turret is a subset of this AI type and needs a Moving Turret Target Trigger to work. Other then the initial moving to its location it is quite similar.
  • Use the turret and moving turret assets for this AI Type as it needs special animations.


  • Sniper is the same base type like the standard but it is more careful and tries to stay out of reach and in cover.
  • Use the Infested02 models for this one, but don't forget to give them some sniper weapons. ;)


  • The scout is a the Alien Drone. It is fast and moves alot. It can attack twice.
  • Use the drone assets for this one.

Known Issue

Always add an AI type before saving your document. If an enemy is saved without a AI template loaded into the settings, the editor will crash when loading the map. You then need to manually edit the json file and remove the faulty enemy by hand.