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With this codes you can cheat in the game. This can help you massively testing your mod before release.

Please Note: Using this codes while playing the main campaign can corrupt your save games if you do not know what you are doing. We can not help you if you break your save. So be careful and only use them with saves you do not care about.

The Codes

To activate the console ingame press the "tab" key on your keyboard.

  • outputFPS true
    • activate the fps counter in the console
  • outputFPS false
    • deactivate the fps counter in the console
  • killAllVisible
    • Kills all enemies you currently have in the sector.
  • goToLevel
    • Opens a list of all current levels in your mod and you can directly jump to them (uses the default squad as team when entering so be sure to have one)
  • finishLevel
    • Finishs the current mission as if you would have won it.
  • failMission
    • The current mission fails.
  • save squad yourFileName.json
    • Saves you current squad to a json file of your naming. This is a great way to play and save real squads on the go for the default squad trigger.