Default Squad Trigger

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How it works

This is a game developer only trigger. It defines the squad that gets loaded when you play the level in the editor or in the game without proper save game.

This default squads can be saved by using the games cheat code: save squad nameTheFile.json You then can edit this json later on to have the approximate team you want to have at this level if the player play regularly.

Tip: We normally save this default squads during play tests and update them each time we have a balancing change done to the game.

Note: if you do not have a default squad placed in the level, the editor will only spawn Lanis alone with no team. Feel free to use one of the defaults we use for the game to get started.


  1. Default squad: Select the json file you want to load as default squad.

Known Issue

  • The editor crashes if you have placed this trigger but did not select a proper default squad file.