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How it works

Collision in Halfway is tile based. So there are two basic situations: You can walk on an tile or you can't.

To set up the collisions you have to do the following:

  1. Activate the collision edit mode.
    1. Your whole screen should have a red overlay now. This means all the collisions are on "none walkable"

Short cuts:

  • 1-5 Collision type
  • Shift+F2: Fills all none walkable collisions with a full cover collision

Types of collision

Use the number keys to get the following collision brushs:

  1. Walkable/none Walkable depending on the collision mode the tile is it will switch to the other one (Green/Red)
  2. None walkable but you can shoot over it. (Yellow)
  3. Door Collision (Purple) Use this for doors only.
  4. Half Vover (Gives a tile a half cover value) Note: This is independent of the collision itself.
  5. Full Cover (Gives a tile a full cover value) Note: This is independent of the collision itself.

Some informations

You can continuously paint with the collision brush. It will keep the brush mode in which you clicked first until you release the mouse key again.

If you are making an abyss or you have some covers use the second collision type (2) to make them none walkable, but you can still shot over the tile.

The cover collision is independent of the normal collision. Just mark all tiles you want to have them some cover values. For visual consistency use the full cover an all walls around the level to have it correctly shown during gameplay.