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Characters and enemies are all having 8 directions they can look. But only 5 are actually made, the other 3 are mirrored over in the Animation Sets.

But you can also make all 8 directions if you like, we did that for turrets too. Just make sure you have the right settings set in the Animation Sets


The pngs are placed in the folder:



The animation files are placed in this folder:


Use the right subfolders for the anim files or else they won't get loaded.

Find out more about the anim files and how to make them over here: Gif Processor


Here is how an character should be namend:


Here the example of Wallace:


Animations you need

  • Cover
  • CoverHit
  • Hit
  • Idle
  • Ko
  • Run
  • ShootAim
  • ShootFire
  • ShootReturn
  • Strike
  • Throw

Please note, some enemies have different animations they need. (turrets for example) Just check them out in the main game for reference.

Direction you need

  • Down
  • DownRight
  • Right
  • Up
  • UpRight

The other ones are beeing mirrored versions of the ones listed above.

Please note: The cover related animation only have 4 animations. They use this directions:

  • DownRight
  • LeftDown
  • LeftUp
  • UpRight

The enemies normally only have 2 directions:

  • DownRight
  • UpRight