Character Pickup Tutorial

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Characters can be placed in the level and be picked up by the player when finding them. So here is a short tutorial on how to setup an proper character pickup.


  • The pickup attribute needs an dialog or else the game will crash!
  • The Characters need to be placed on the Action Layer or else the Character pickup wont work.



  1. Select the action layer.
  2. Go into object mode and open the object tab.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select one of the 8 characters there (or one you made by yourself)
  4. Place the character on the action layer.
  5. Now double click the character to open the attribute menu and select Character Pickup
  6. Now Select the dialog you want to be triggerd if you pick up the character and select which .unit file to use.
  7. Now set the stance and the direction you want the character to look when you find him/her.

That's it. Now run the game and talk to the character. After the dialog he/her should join your cause.

Tip: In the main game we wanted to make sure that you can not miss an character pickup as it would have broken the story. So we recommend to make it an event with triggers. For example like in the first level of halfway when you find Carter. The whole pickup sequence is trigger when you open the door. For more information about trigger, watch the tutorial movie for some basics: (Video Tutorials) and read everything about Trigger here: (Trigger Edit Mode)