Change Object Status Action

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How it works

This action changes the object animation status.

Note: It only is a visible change, for example if you switch the stat of a door from 0 to 1 it will play the open animation but will not really open the door gameplay wise.


  1. Link Attribute: The object you want to change the status of.
  2. Switch to Status: Number 0-X
    1. Example: Door has 3 status: 0 Closed, 1 opening, 2 Open.

Known Issue

  • Only use if the object has a different status then 0.
  • 0 is the default for all objects.

Note: Objects have to be named like this: door001#0.png

"door": Where as the "door" is the name of the object, this is used in the editor to sort your objects into groupes. "001" The variation of the object. "#0": Animation status.