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Update from our office in Hamelin

Posted by bach,

This past week has been brilliant! It was the first time that Johan joined us here in Germany for a focused week of work on Halfway. We’ve made good progress in lots of areas and are moving forward at a steady pace. We’re really happy with how the game is slowly but surely taking shape. But we’re also getting to feel the reality of just how much work is still ahead of us. We really, really want to get the game right. But that takes time 🙂

So, in light of this we’re not going to do our usual friday update today. From now on, instead of the frequent weekly update we might start trying out a few different things. Maybe less frequent posts, but more interesting posts. We’d also really love to try video logs and/or live streams. Either way, we’ll keep you updated with our plans and we plan on sharing as much as possible as development progresses.

Thank you to everyone who’s been following us on the blog and various other outlets so far – We’re really excited about the game and can’t wait to put it in your hands!

Until next time!

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