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Introducing The Crew

Posted by bach,

In this week’s Friday update we’d like to introduce some of the game’s main characters. Oh, before we begin: In case you missed it we had a nice little chat with Developer’s Accomplice about us and Halfway, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already!

Right, let’s have a quick look at the setting Halfway plays in: Goliath, the spaceship on which the events during Halfway take place, is a large colonisation vessel. These experimental spaceships are deployed to reach the far corners of the galaxy and establish new human outposts there. Even though they travel at superluminal speeds, journeys are long and challenging. For that reason everyone except the essential crew is cryogenically frozen throughout the duration of the travel.

In Halfway you control some of Goliath’s crew that have found themselves as survivors of a violent overtake from an unknown species. Each one of those people has a story and is not just another disposable unit. The dialogues and the way they interact with each other are an important part of how we tell the story in the game. But their character goes beyond just their “story”. They also have unique strengths and weaknesses that if you take the time to learn, will give you a rewarding amount of tactical variety to work with.

comanderX4Full Name: Staff sergeant Morten Lannis
Citizenship: B-Class Neutral
Staff sergeant Lannis is an excellent squad leader responsible for one of Goliath’s onboard security units. As an experienced veteran soldier he has pretty much “seen it all”. Thanks to his 25 years in the army he’s gained a wealth of experience and is a master at shooting with his favourite rifle RX-573 AT. Besides his preference towards rifles he’s skilled at almost any weapon. He possesses a strong aversion towards Stimpacks and any modern body-implants that enhance physical abilities. The young guns respect him, despite the fact that he’s quite the conservative.
Either way, SSG Lannis doesn’t worry about other people’s opinions. Besides, this mission is meant to be his last one as he is currently on his way to retire at the borders of the colonies.

male002X4Full Name: Corporal Samuel “Mule” Lankford
Citizenship: B-Class Neutral
Because of his physical stature, Corporal Lankford’s comrades affectionally call him “The Mule”. He is a big muscly soldier, which you wouldn’t want to challenge to a fist fight. Moreover he’s an excellent shooter, so you’re not likely to get close to him anyway if he doesn’t like you.
Due to a “reflex-enhancing” pharmaceutical trial, he suffers from a severe drug addiction. Unless he get’s his daily fix, he’s unlikely to even hit an elephant right in front of him.
Despite his addiction, Samuel is a trustworthy soldier and is held in high regard by SSG Lannis with whom he’s served for almost 20 years already.

female001X4Full Name: Jenna “Wild Child” Wallace
Citizenship: B-Class Negative
“Wild Child” might not be the most charming person around, but she knows how to stay alive and is always a step ahead of the game. She mostly keeps to herself but knows exactly what she wants. An in general, she always gets it.
Wallace, usually working as a mercenary, has joined the ship’s security personnel in order to pay for the trip to the colonies, where another job is waiting for her.
Her weapon of choice is a 20mm S&S X20 sniper rifle, and for that reason usually won’t be seen much up-front in battle. Rumour has it that the reckless mercenary is afraid of the dark. But one probably shouldn’t mention that in her presence, unless you are looking for a quick way out of life.

And that’s all we have for this week! The avid reader would’ve noticed that we promised something “moving” for today’s update. Well, we changed our minds. It’s now instead coming on Tuesday 🙂

Next week we will talk a bit more about the background story and world of Halfway, with some of the aspects already hinted at in today’s update. Thanks for reading!

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